Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blade - 20 Pack

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Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Blade


  • AEG Multi-Tool
  • Back And Decker *
  • Batavia Multi-Tool
  • Blue Hawk
  • Bosch
  • Chicago
  • Cibtek
  • Clarke CMFT250
  • CMT
  • Craftsman Nextrec
  • Craftsman Bolt-on *
  • Dewalt *
  • Dremel (Except quick release)
  • Einhell
  • Fein Multimaster
  • Ferm Zwolle Holland
  • Genesis Multi-Purpose
  • Haakon Multi Function
  • Hardin AZ318-2 250W
  • Haussmann 5-in-1 Multi-tool
  • IIT Multi-Function
  • Kawasaki
  • King Canada
  • Klutch
  • Kwiktool USA
  • LongActive
  • Makita Multi-Tool
  • Mastercraft
  • Master Mechanic
  • MasterForce
  • Matrix
  • Meec Tools
  • MasterForce Utila-Tool
  • Milwaukee
  • Makita Multi-Tool
  • Norge Multi-Tool
  • Ozito
  • Performax
  • Pit Bull
  • Porter Cable *
  • Power Craft
  • Power Duro
  • Pro-Line
  • Project Pro


  • Renovator
  • Rigid Jobmax
  • Ryobi JobPlus
  • Samona (Rok) Multi-Tool
  • Secco
  • Skill Multi-Tool
  • Stanley FatMax *
  • Terratek TPMT
  • Taurus Multi Function
  • TradeMaster
  • Trades Pro Multi Tool
  • Task Force
  • Tool Shop
  • TopCraft
  • Voss
  • Wen Multi-Tool
  • Westfalia
  • Wolf Oscillating Multi Tool
  • Work Best
  • X2 Hyperlock

* Compatable Quick Release (no adapter need)

Bi-Metal Oscillating Saw Blade:
The Blade Bi-Metal blade is ideal for demolition, plumbing, remodeling and general wood and soft-metal cutting. The blade features an off-set to allow for flush cuts. The Blade Bi-Metal oscillating saw blade cuts nail embedded wood (6d-8d finishing nails), fiberglass, tubing, PVC, and soft metals like lite gauge copper, lite gauge metal mesh, and light gauge sheet metal and other soft metallic and non-metallic materials. The SPTA Blade blades are great for Flush and Plunge cuts and are designed with laser welded high speed steel cutting edge and flexible alloy steel back to resist breaking, further extending blade life.
Wood/Soft-Metal Oscillating Saw Blade:
Ideal for flush cuts and cut-outs in hard materials and non-ferrous metals (light gague; low iron content) and materials such as hardwoods, plywood and particle board this blade can also tackle materials such as plastics, fiberglass and Plexiglas. Manufactured with a durable cutting edge that resists wear and cuts quickly. Designed to saw into corners and cut angles with precision the blade can be utilized for even the toughest tasks. The design allows the blade to be used in multiple projects, trimming base boards and door jambs when installing new flooring is easy with this Blade universal cutting blade.
Precision Japan Tooth Oscillating Saw Blade:
Ideal for flush cuts and cut-outs for switches, outlets, hardwood floors, base boards, trim and molding. The Blade Japan tooth blade will saw into corners and cut angles with precision. With sharp teeth, the precision blade cuts through laminated material without chipping and the large tooth design resists loading and improves cutting speeds. Use this blade for plunge cutting drywall for countless tasks such as installation of recessed lighting and ceiling fans.
User Tips:
1. When flush cutting it is important not to force the tool during the plunge cut.
2. Strong tool vibration indicates you are applying too much pressure.
3. To protect a delicate surface while using a flush cut blade, use tape or cardboard to cover it before cutting.
Package List:
3 X 1-3/4-Inch Bi-Metal "Nail-Eater" Oscillating Saw Blades
3 X 1-3/4-Inch Wood/Plastic/Soft-Metal Oscillating Saw Blades
3 X 1-3/4-Inch Precision Japan Tooth Oscillating Saw Blades
3 X 1-3/8-Inch Bi-Metal "Nail-Eater" Oscillating Saw Blades
4 X 1-3/8-Inch Wood/Plastic/Soft-Metal Oscillating Saw Blades
4 X 1-3/8-Inch Precision Japan Tooth Oscillating Saw Blades
Package Include:
20 X Saw Blades
Fitment note: Not compatible with Bosch MX30, MM40/MM45.
Fitment note: Not compatible or Bosch Quick Release tools.
Fitment note: Adapter required for Rockwell and Worx (except Hyperlock).
Fitment note: Adapter required for Fein Supercut.

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